R.E.D. January 2018 supporting Mind

In early December I saw a post on Facebook about R.E.D. January, a challenge to be active in some way every day for the whole month.  R.E.D. standing for Run Every Day(!), but I was glad to be reassured that there was no requirement to run at all, any activity counted!  Now anyone who knows me will get how much I like a challenge… I recently completed swimming the equivalent of the English Channel, 22 miles, in a swimming pool…yes, that is a lot of lengths, 1,416 in fact, and yes, it took a long time, 10.5 weeks but I did it, slow and steady but I did it.

Eagerly, I signed up for R.E.D. January and began thinking about all the different things I could do to be active… maybe sign up for different classes at the gym, or try bouldering or climbing. A friend even suggested horse riding.  Yes, I thought, I can do this, it will be fun and it will be a great boost to my mental and physical health. A perfect start to a new year.

I can’t quite describe what happened next, but owing to the passion, commitment and enthusiasm of members of the challenge Facebook group, a thought germinated in my mind… are all these people running it? All these people who feel such pride in their achievements, providing inspiration and support for each other. Maybe I could try running?

‘No, remember what happened last time you thought you’d take up running?’ whispered the little voice in my head.

Yes, yes, I know, I sprained my ankle in week three, and yes, yes, I know it took months to recover.  But this will be different, I’ve got all these people cheerleading me on fb… Next thing I know I had downloaded the Couch to 5K app put my trainers on and was running!!! Me… No way.

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