RED Day 2: A Head Full of Dreams

“You can see the change you wanted, be what you want to be”

(A Head Full of Dreams: Coldplay)

I started my efforts at running a mere 2 weeks ago so it was with some trepidation that I began the RED January challenge yesterday. I was keen to get out and get started but the thought of 31 days, every day, was huge.

Quite a few years ago, having been inspired by my many, many fb friends who run, I decided to try it for myself and began my first attempt at the Couch to 5k programme… weeks 1 and 2 were hard enough but week 3 upped the game somewhat and required 3 minutes of running. Now I know that 3 minutes really isn’t very long but when running is new to you, 3 minutes seems like an eternity. I remember I would wobble home with legs like jelly and a rosy glow (think beetroot red) on my face. And then my efforts at running came to an abrupt halt when I sprained my ankle, not even having finished week 3.

Yesterday, RED day 1, I once again began week 3 of C25K, it was a fairly mild morning for January and it was lovely to be out in the fresh air.  So, with Chris Martin providing the soundtrack (A Head Full of Dreams) I set off.

I don’t know why but running seems to be easier this time round, I completed run 1 of week 3 and arrived home after my cool down walk feeling invigorated, no jelly legs and no beetroot face. However, by mid afternoon I began to have pains in my right knee…Seriously?! It’s day 1 of the challenge…

I am not a quitter, I put my everything into whatever I do, I set myself impossible challenges and impossible standards so this was not going to stop me… Ibuprofen gel liberally applied plus tubigrip bandage and I was up and out for RED day 2 with a head full of dreams and before the sun and my teenagers were awake.


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