RED Day 7: My running week (1)

Wow! I have made it to the end of week 1 of the RED January challenge. I have been running for seven consecutive days; over 3 hours and nearly 25km… I am seriously impressed!

When I signed up for the challenge in December I had no intention of running, as mentioned before, I was motivated by the RED community. I never thought that each morning I would be up and out before breakfast, that I would manage the breathing, that I would come home feeling energised, or that I would actually enjoy it.

It seems that just 3 weeks has changed my mindset. It is often said that if you do something for ‘however many’ days it will become a habit (feeling the need to Google it?)

In living with depression it can be difficult to find the motivation to make positive changes; cognitively you know what you need to do, and you may actually want to do it, but the mental barriers that depression puts in the way are not overcome easily.

Many RED participants have their own mental health problems but each and every one of them has made this positive change, they have taken the first step by signing up for the challenge and however difficult, however crappy their mental health is on a particular day, they achieve.

Will 31 days of being active be enough to make it a habit? Will completing the challenge have a lasting effect on our mental health? I really hope so, because every single REDder is amazing.


2 comments on “RED Day 7: My running week (1)”
  1. Greg Reed says:

    Well done. I’ve rediscovered running recently and it is wonderful when you are in that place.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Greg, it feels a bit strange as it’s not me!


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