RED Day 8: In Limbo

In a break from my current routine which involves me heading off on a run first thing in the morning, today I am unable to do this, today I have to wait in for a tradesman. We all know the monotony of waiting; is he here yet, when will he arrive, can I quickly go to the loo?!

I’ve mentioned before that we human beings like order and routine, we like the familiarity of what we know, plans, plans and more plans (or maybe that’s just me!) So to have one’s routine disturbed causes mental mayhem… that is unless you are able to adapt to change.

The ability to be flexible in your outlook on life is key in promoting good mental well-being. To be able to shrug your shoulders and say “It’s ok, I’ll do this instead” gives an inner peace rather than uncontrollable angst. A calmness of thought replaces an internal dialogue of uncertainty.

In the words of the song “Que SerĂ¡ SerĂ¡, whatever will be, will be”.

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