(RED) Day 9: Poetry, really?

I am in absolute awestruck total amazement at my recently discovered ability to write poems, one might say I’m really rather impressed!

Let’s rewind time to Sunday morning… just a couple of days ago my idea of a poem was some little ditty that rhymed (a lot), a limerick would have been the height of my literary achievements. If pushed I could maybe have come up with one of those poems where the first letter of each line spells out a word…

I S  T H I S  R E A L L Y  T H E  B E S T   P O E M  Y O U  C A N  M A N A G E? And thanks to the wonder of Google, I now know that style is known as an ‘acrostic’.

Oh and I’d probably put some rhyming stuff in there too.

On Sunday, I had planned lunch at a pub by the canal so that we could go for a walk along the canal afterwards. It was a beautiful winter day, you know the ones; the sun is shining, you wrap up warm but your face is still cold. We had a lovely walk and I took a few photos.

Later that day I thought I’d blog about how very lovely it was. I wrote a couple of lines and it came to me. An epiphany(!)… hey! That might make a reasonable attempt at a poem? And so, the first poem that I’ve ever written (school doesn’t count, and besides my Mum helped then – thanks Mum!) was suddenly right there in front of me and I thought, ‘that’s actually not bad’. Deep breath to give me courage and I hit ‘publish’. Wow, I just wrote a poem! …I wonder if I could do it again…?

Fast forward to this morning, 8am. Having now written three (imo pretty good) poems and put them out there for the world to see, I have a burgeoning loyal fan base (hubby and teenage boys) who are easily impressed and think I’m some kind of awesome!

So older teenager is wittering away at me before school, and says “blah blah blah, White Light Shadow, that would make a good title for a poem”. I agree, after all it is a rather good title, however, I’m really not that good a poet and I can’t write something based on a title, at least that’s what I told him.

Me, being me; a) I don’t like being told I can’t do something, even by myself, and b) I like a challenge, thought I’ll try anyway. And do you know what? I did it! And I actually think it’s an awesome poem with an awesome title… White Light Shadow.

That just leaves me time to polish my halo, climb up on my marble pedestal as the supermum who can do just about anything, and happily label myself as a fledgling poet.



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