Fennel, WTF?

I enjoy cooking, well cooking and baking… it used to be all about the cakes and excessive baking, but more recently (having cut down on my sugar intake) I’ve gone all ‘MasterChef’ and quite enjoy creating a delicious, often veggie, meal.

As with many of my obsessions* I go all out mega-determined to achieve, succeed, become the best I can be (at everything). Focus 100% on whatever’s top of my obsessions list.

It’s actually pretty tiring being me.

* you may have noticed me being a little obsessed with blogging and running, oh and I guess I should add writing poetry to that list too

So, recently, being a little cookery obsessed, I have bought too many¬†cookery books, downloaded even more recipes and experimented with slightly unusual ingredients. Which is all great, fantastic even. Jolly well done me on managing my depression and feeding my family nutritious home cooked meals instead of what is affectionately known in this house as “things on bread” meals… fish finger/bacon/sausage sandwiches, cheese toastie, hotdogs – the only limit is your imagination.

Today I had to get groceries, I’ve been putting it off but I really had to go today, so me and my list went to the supermarket. I was really not feeling the joy today and finding shopping a little overwhelming, so my list was ignored.

I arrived home with bread, bagels, tortilla wraps (surely that counts as three types of bread) and fennel! I’m good for what to do with the bread but FENNEL?¬†What exactly am I going to do with that?


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