RED Day 11: Running broke me (again) [edited]

* I’ve spent all day thinking about the below poem, I just wasn’t happy with it before. I wish I’d taken more time over tweaking it but I let it go before it was ready. I’m happy with it now (I think) so have republished for the benefit of my email followers, along with anyone else who wants to read an improved version! Thank you readers xx

Ever Onwards

Feet pound hard

Unyielding surfaces

One, then the other

Keep moving

Keep going


Destination uncertain

Focus on motion

Distant horizon

Looms clear

In my mind


Look to the future

Searching for answers

Hope obscured by fear

And knowledge

Of what was before


Running onwards

Concentrate, breathe

Undying movement

To cease is accepting

Grave defeat


Exhausted, exhilarated

Success a reality

No longer a dream

But a vision

Of truth


KH 11.01.2018


Welcome to a new day.

As the title says. Running broke me. Being new to running I probably made the classic beginners’ error of overdoing things. I got carried away, and along, by feelings of success, of amazement and of ‘WOW I can do this!’ And in return for my over-zealous enthusiasm and dedication I have strained a muscle, which hurts, a lot.

Running broke me again. My one previous attempt at running ended at three weeks with a sprained ankle, however this time the injury is comparably minor and I hope to be back at it soon. In the meantime, I will keep going with RED January by being active everyday, swimming, walking etc. and will keep promoting mental health awareness in any way I can.

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