RED Day 30: Try it, you just might succeed

On the eve of the last day of RED January I am feeling immense pride at what I’ve achieved. I’m not talking about the stats, I’ll leave that for tomorrow.

I’m talking about the fact that I have done something that I never believed I could do. And that’s an impressive thing!

images (1)

For me signing up to be active every day for a month was easy, I’m pretty much active every day anyway and I like to set myself targets and goals. Scrap that, I need to set myself targets and goals.

Tbh if it wasn’t RED it would have been something else; September to November I swam the channel (22 miles) over many visits to the pool, and in December I set myself a 50k quadrathlon challenge (gym and pool based).

It helps me to have a focus, a routine and an achievable target.

I had planned on challenging myself by trying a variety of new exercise classes, sports etc. I was going to try bouldering (very scary for someone with a death fear of falling) and possibly move onto climbing, having made my hubby promise to belay me down very, very slowly.

I was happy with my plans, they were well within my sphere of control.

But then I was inspired to try running.


And I discovered that I could!

Now that is an achievement.


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