RED Day 31: “But I don’t do running”

I have a confession to make, this is not something I imagined I would say… EVER…

*** I AM A RUNNER! ***

As mentioned before, I signed up to RED January with zero intention of running as my daily activity but I got lifted up and carried along by wave of happy enthusiasm (other people’s, not mine) and before I could change my mind I was running.

This month has been an amazing challenge, I honestly thought I was doomed to fail at running but instead I have discovered that I’m actually good at it, well good enough anyway. But not only that I enjoy it. And it lifts my mood. Fantastic!

Last night I added up my run distances and found that the 3k I had planned for today would take me to 75k for the month… 75 kilometres of running, that’s incredible for someone who “doesn’t do running”.

So this morning I ran my planned 3k; running all the way and bounced up the final steps like Rocky Balboa, jumped up and down a bit, did a little happy dance and was awestruck by what I’d achieved.

This was so far out of my comfort zone, but I’d done it!

Then life returned to normal… I bought some pre-prepared veggies in the supermarket, came home and made soup, by which I mean I chucked all the pre chopped veg in a saucepan, added stock and tinned tomatoes (soup being an achievement as it’s progression from ‘things on bread’ meals) Oh and if you’re interested FENNEL goes really nicely in soup!  [Read more here]

And then I thought “what now?” What do I do now? I’ve just achieved something fabulous so where do I go from here? I can’t just sit down with my knitting and a cup of peppermint tea as if nothing has happened. I felt my energy and sense of ‘yay, go me!’ fading. Instead of feeling amazing I was beginning to feel deflated.

I had to do something to bring back the happy.

The obvious thing was to go for a run, no big deal as I hadn’t made it out of my running gear yet… And me, being me, it was clear that as I’d just managed 3k then I should try and run (all the way) 5k.

Sometimes I really wish I could be satisfied with being a bit awesome instead of striving for super, totally amazing, fabulous awesome… it would be less tiring.

Running shoes on, music on (CeeLo Green) and out I went for a second run. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, I was happy once more.


That’s it, the end of RED January and I am positive that this challenge has made a huge difference to my life and I’m super crazy happy with what I’ve achieved!



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