RED January… so much more

RED January is so much more than just a fundraising initiative for Mind, the mental health charity.

  • It is an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues
  • It promotes better mental (and physical) health by encouraging daily activity
  • It brings together people with a shared experience of mental health problems in an inclusive and supportive way
  • It creates friendships
  • It makes you know that you are not alone
  • and it is why I began this blog

Throughout the whole of January I have published my thoughts and experiences on living with depression and PTSD in the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis, I have written about my success with running, my injuries, my motivation and have discovered that I can write poetry.

I hope my posts have given a better understanding of the reality of mental illness and that they have helped at least one person in supporting a friend, relative or colleague.

I hope that I have shared useful advice, through my experiences, that has made a difference to someone struggling with their illness.

I hope that my writing has shown empathy and compassion.

I hope that I have made you think, made you smile and inspired you in some way.

RED January has given me so much more than I ever anticipated.

  1. I have made new friends
  2. I have found a passion for blogging
  3. and writing poetry
  4. In sharing so openly, I feel I have truly accepted my illnesses as a part of me that will require long term management
  5. And… I am a RUNNER!

Thank you for reading and following my journey so far. I really appreciate every view, every new follower, every like and every comment.

Love Karen xx


2 comments on “RED January… so much more”
  1. summerSHINES says:

    😊 I’m so pleased to read of all the positive effects RED has given you 😊 I’m so happy we connected 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too lovely xx 😍


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