First parkrun

Inspired by the RED community I decided to try running, so on the 20th December I did my first run in a long, long, long time. In fact I’d say it was my first run ever if we can discount my previous failed attempt at C25K. Little did I imagine that just 46 days later I would be joining the masses and doing my first parkrun.

The suggestion came via Facebook about a week ago. I’d posted that my Friday running buddy and I had knocked 7 minutes off our 5k achieving a time of around 38 minutes, so it was suggested that I do a parkrun.

This is the conversation that followed:


At this point it was just a vague agreement that we’d do it someday, which was fine, as someday could be weeks or months away. But then some fellow REDders said they were doing parkrun today and would I like to join them. My Friday running buddy agreed, so this morning at 9am we joined almost 350 other runners, for our first parkrun.

It was amazing!

The atmosphere was so welcoming; first timers got a round of applause, people reaching their 50th parkrun were also congratulated, the marshalls were friendly and encouraging as were the other runners.

I’m glad that I had my running buddies with me, as if I’d had to go alone I probably wouldn’t have got out of the car. Running with friends was great, we kept each other going for the whole 5k. Approaching the end I found an extra burst of energy and it was an amazing feeling to complete the run while feeling as though I could keep going!

The sense of achievement I feel from doing this is incredible, it gave a real boost to my mood, and was a really positive way to start the weekend. I am thankful to my friends who encouraged me and to my running buddies for keeping me company.

We will definitely do parkrun again…

I would do it every weekend if I could.


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