Dreaming of rainbows and unicorns

Dreaming of hope, the fantasy of life

Belief in the future, rosy and bright

Defining portrayal of flowers and rainbows

Driving us forward, towards each new day


Anticipating joy and endless possibility

Obstacles, barriers deflecting our dreams

The yellow brick road is leading us onward

Shines like the sun till fate intervenes


Influence hollow as destiny guides us

And unicorns prance through cities unknown

Looking for gold at the end of a rainbow

Dreams and our future are out of control


Believe in the present and guardian angels

Improbable fantasy gives hope to us all

The future’s uncertain, a story unwritten

Be true to yourself and may fortune prevail


copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley


2 comments on “Dreaming of rainbows and unicorns”
  1. I really loved this! Beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

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