I think the general, unaffected population have a low grade understanding of the true impact of anxiety. They probably think it’s just feeling a bit nervous, like when you have an exam or a dental appointment. But anxiety can affect your whole life, everything you do, or don’t do, day to day.

Anxiety can leave you trapped in your home, not living, just functioning. Doing what you can to get through each day. Self-soothing behaviours can feel comforting but may seem obsessional when repeated for prolonged periods.

Anxiety makes you predict negatively about the future; that things will go wrong, that people won’t talk to you, that you’ll make a fool of yourself. You may fear going out, as crowds, noise or busy environments leave you tense, on edge, volatile, tearful or angry. The phone rings, you feel fear, terror perhaps at having to answer it… so, maybe you don’t. You go to the supermarket when it’s quiet because the bustle of people distresses you, because you’re less likely to see someone you know, because it’s easier.

You just want to feel safe.


9 comments on “Anxiety”
  1. There is big truth here great post! Entirely agree, when you tell someone you have a problem with anxiety they just go “Oh yeah I get that! I was really nervous before this French oral exam once!” Let’s def try and raise awareness on this one. It is so much worse, and a very different sensation than butterflies. I always promote meditation for practically everything, and it helped me yet again with anxiety! Big love X

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    1. Thank you. I agree meditation and mindfulness can really help with the immediate symptoms of anxiety.


  2. Anxiety is a burden, I feel your pain. Stay strong and focus on one day at a time. One calm positive thought at a time… I am also working very hard at the moment to practice what I preach 💜

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    1. Thank you, as with many mental health problems it takes persistence to manage, and hopefully overcome.

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  3. Oh yes … I can completely relate to this. It has made me procrastinate and avoid for years …. thanks for sharing.

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    1. It really does have a huge impact on normal life.

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  4. Baby Dust Me says:

    Anxiety is a condition I️ believe that’s often overlooked. I️ suffer from health anxiety after my dad passed away from cancer. It is such a battle everyday in my own head. My body also manifest physical symptoms that then gets me more anxious so it’s vicious cycle that’s extremely hard to get of.

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    1. I think that because everyone feels anxious at some point the real impact is minimised. Sorry to hear about your dad, cancer destroys so many lives, it’s understandable that you worry for your own health and that of loved ones.

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  5. Yes, it’s just like that.

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