My running week (6)

Hello lovely readers, it’s Sunday which means running blog day…

At the moment (10.45am) I’m still in my PJs being indecisive about whether to go running or not; I was due to go out with my younger son, it’s our Sunday thing, but it’s raining…

Before I dragged myself out of bed, which took some effort… I’ll get up in 5 minutes, oh missed that, I’ll get up at half past, quarter to, etc., I was not going to go running. The rain was pelting down on the flat roof above our bedroom – rain always sounds a lot worse on a flat roof! And while I am very much enjoying running I haven’t yet been out in anything worse than light drizzle. Well apart from an unexpected hailstorm once which was painful but brief!

Although I am yet to get dressed I have been productive; with hubby’s help (chief veg chopper) we have made pumpkin, lentil and sweet potato soup, I’ve also made veggie sausage rolls – pre-rolled puff pastry plus veggie sausages, and helped the boys with their homework… actually the homework helping is ongoing and distracting me greatly from my writing.

The weather, which had improved significantly, has now worsened and I’m torn… my head says ‘don’t be a fool’, my heart says ‘WTF, go for it’. For now I’m going to get dressed in my running gear and hope the rain stops.

My achievements this week have been…

  • Have been out 4 days, maybe 5 later
  • Run 20km, or 25km
  • Have exceeded 100km total on Strava
  • Have completed week 6 C25K and started week 7
  • Have a new 1 mile PB (9:05)
  • And 2 mile PB (18:46)
  • Ran twice with an overly full belly… not my best move!
  • And having bumped into a friend while out running, we’ve made a plan to go out when she’s on school hols.

#runningisawesome 😎


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