Review: ‘The Unremembered Girl’ by Eliza Maxwell

As I have mentioned before, one of my goals this year is to tackle my unread Kindle library.  It’s probably a futile effort as each month Amazon gift me a free book and with the best will in the world, it’s unlikely that I manage to read one book each month. However, in the spirit of endeavour I am trying! I choose which book to read next based on how long it is, I figure that if I start with the shortest books I might make some progress.

Anyway, I’m drifting from the purpose of this post…

I have just finished reading ‘The Unremembered Girl: A Novel’ by Eliza Maxwell. It is a great book with an original storyline, so far removed from my usual boy meets girl and falls in love nonsense. There is an element of romance, but that is not the overriding theme. It also has a shock ending that I really hadn’t anticipated.

The main theme is to do with trauma. Pretty much all the characters have had some degree of trauma through their life; bereavement, illness, disablement. However, the ‘unremembered girl’, Eve, has lived through significant levels of abuse and this has understandably affected her behaviour, her perceptions of people and situations, and her relationships.

The final two sentences of the book beautifully express how living through trauma can open your eyes to the good things in life and it leaves the reader with a message of hope for the future, despite adversity.

“You’ll never appreciate the daylight till you’ve walked on the dark side of the night, without even the stars to show you the way.” 

“Dawn, at long last, was breaking on the horizon.”

‘The Unremembered Girl: A Novel’ – Eliza Maxwell

In my opinion, this is definitely a book worth reading.

K x


One comment on “Review: ‘The Unremembered Girl’ by Eliza Maxwell”
  1. ashleyleia says:

    Those first two lines of the book are amazing.

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