Bring on the bling!

Since becoming a runner and meeting (virtually) other runners, I have been introduced to the world of Virtual Racing. I’m assuming if you have no interest in running then a) you’re probably not reading this and b) you won’t know what virtual racing is.

A virtual race is a race challenge that you complete in your own time. You pay an entrance fee of around £10-£15, as per a regular race, and on completion send in your evidence to receive a medal and have your time/distance recorded in the results table.

As a mum of children with additional needs I cannot commit to regular races that would take me away from my responsibilities too often, so for me, virtual races are a fantastic alternative.

My running goal for 2018 is to achieve a medal for each month of the year, be it in a virtual race or a regular race. There are many sites that offer these virtual races, each with their own unique medals and conditions, so for any month there is a wide choice of challenges and associated bling to sign up for.

So far I have committed to the following:

January – We’re All Mad Here January Challenge. This was to run any distance between certain dates in the month.
I will also have my RED January medal for fundraising for Mind.

February – I hope to get my C25K completion medal.

March – I’ve signed up for the International Women’s Day 10k. This can be 10k run in just one session or over multiple runs.

April – A challenge linked to the London Marathon which is to run a total of 26.2 miles over the month.

May – Miles for Mind. For this challenge you can choose what your monthly mile goal is, I have selected 50 miles, to be run over the course of the month.

I also plan to do a regular race for Race for Life sometime in June or July. But for now I am enjoying the challenge of virtual races and looking forward to achieving a medal for each one.


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