My running week (7): another injury

Last week ended on a real high as I achieved a sub 30 minute 5k which is a really big deal for a novice runner; I get a happy feeling just thinking about it now… YAY! Go me!

Sunday morning dawns, the end of another week, but sadly I cannot go out running today as I have another injury. An injury that had me nearly in tears while limping around the shops yesterday. An injury that has me stuck on the sidelines.

I have consulted Dr.Google and have come to the conclusion that I’ve strained/inflammed my plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band that extends along the underside of your foot. It connects the heel to the toes and is responsible for supporting the arch of your foot. Apparently it’s a very common running injury and although it is possible to continue with some running, it may recover faster with rest and stretching exercises. I can attest to the fact that it certainly hurts a lot more following a run, and hurts a lot less when rested.

Annoying it may be, but my motivation is that in being sensible and resting, I give myself the best chance of a quick recovery. So, my run for today is cancelled and I will reassess on Tuesday.

My stats for this week are:

  • I have run on just 2 days
  • A total of just under 10km

My younger son came out with me on both runs and he’s really getting into running too, so I treated him to some proper running shoes, which he loves. We are hoping to do a parkrun together on Saturday, so I’m really hoping my foot is better by then.

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