Poetic distraction

As I sit nursing my injured foot, I have additional time on my hands. Time that would otherwise be taken up with running. I am lucky in that I have a large number of interests from which to chose something to occupy myself with. So over the past two days I have been industriously knitting (a lovely soft fluffy baby blanket), reading and I even baked a cake.

But mostly I have been engaged in writing poetry.

This week my older son is on half term holiday and as hubby was also home today, we went to the climbing wall. Hubby belaying, son climbing and me sitting in the lounge area writing poetry.

Writing poetry is not particularly easy; I have only been writing for a few weeks, as a happy result of starting this blog. So planning to just write a poem instead of working from an existing idea is a bit of a switch around for me.

Blank page before me, thinking about where to start… there really is no limit to written creativity.

But how do I chose a theme?

Last year I had a number of sessions of the trauma therapy EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and prior to starting EMDR my psychologist taught me a safe place exercise. Briefly, the aim of a safe place exercise is to facilitate the regulation of emotions. EMDR is an incredibly tough therapy and it triggers very intense emotions in response to the recollection of trauma memories. It is important to be able to regulate these emotions and use of the safe place exercise helps with this.

Initially my safe place was going to be on the beach looking out to sea but as soon as I closed my eyes to focus, I found my mind wouldn’t go there. Instead it went to the mountain tops of Austria (before kids Austria was our favourite holiday destination) in the summer, looking down on the lakes below.

Just beautiful. Peaceful, calming tranquility.

As I waited at the climbing wall I decided I would try to write my safe place as a poem. One hour later and I had written Mountain Sanctuary, inspired by happy memories of holidays in Austria.


Link to My Poetry


2 comments on “Poetic distraction”
  1. ashleyleia says:

    I’m definitely enjoying the poetry 🙂

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    1. Thank you, that’s lovely feedback x

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