Should I be more uncompromising? (Daily prompt)

via Uncompromising (The Daily Post, daily prompt)

When I saw the daily prompt “uncompromising” the first thought to come to mind was that I personally do a lot of compromising but maybe I should actually be a little more uncompromising.

I am a people pleaser, I hate conflict and do not have the courage (or energy) to stand up for my point of view if doing so will lead to conflict. I back down, I compromise. Just do whatever… if it leads to a more harmonious life.

I am lucky in that my lovely hubby is, well… lovely of course, but he is also fairly laid back and is happy to go along with whatever plans I make, what to eat, where to go, etc so in our relationship there isn’t a lot of compromise on either side which is great because it means no one loses.

So going back to my original thought… do I want to be uncompromising? I certainly am getting better at putting my needs first but rarely do so at the detriment of others. This daily prompt has certainly prompted me to think about compromising vs uncompromising…


3 comments on “Should I be more uncompromising? (Daily prompt)”
  1. ashleyleia says:

    Interesting to think about. Compromise is sometimes presented as a desirable thing, but maybe that only works if there’s mutual compromise to meet in the middle.

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    1. Karen says:

      I know it got me thinking!

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  2. Interesting, it’s like a page out of my own autobiography…

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