Happy “you’re a great mum” day! (or how life is with kid(s) with additional needs)

Hello all,

Here in the UK today is Mother’s Day, a time for children to show appreciation for their mums. Of course, us mums should be appreciated each and every day of our (often stressful) lives, as should dads. It is a day that also brings sadness for many through bereavement, fertility problems or family conflict.

So, how has Mother’s Day been for me, an adoptive parent of teenage boys with additional needs?

On Friday, my younger son remembered that he hadn’t got me a present. They say it’s the thought that counts!

This morning, my older son wished me a Happy Mother’s Day then went and made himself breakfast. Younger son needed to be nagged into getting out of bed so that I could receive my present and card from them both. After breakfast hubby remembered that he hadn’t got any special food in for lunch and then had to go to the Mother’s Day service at church with his cubs.

As it’s a special day, I decided to pop to M&S to get one of their meal deal things. We get in the car and younger son tells me the toilet is blocked, we get out of the car, I give them both a lecture, unblock the toilet and get back in the car. We arrive at M&S, older son anxious in the car because a police car had been following us, then anxious due to the amount of people in the store, he is angry and intolerant.

We get home and I ask them to prepare the vegetables, one does the broccoli, the other cauliflower, I do the kale. One does it willingly, the other does not (guess who?) I get mildly annoyed… is it really too much to ask that they prep the veg on mother’s day? So that hubby can just cook it all when he returns from church? I get yelled at for “always having a go”, stomping off, doors slamming. Then a surly apology which apparently I should be grateful for.

Having kept my calm pretty well up to this point I cannot let this go. So, I am rather sarcastic in my response… I am ever so grateful that he chooses to behave badly just so that he can give me insincere apologies and pretend that everything is ok, that is exactly how grateful I am.

[I know he doesn’t choose his behaviour, but I didn’t either]

Rant over and I’ll get back to the poetry now!!! 🙂

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