My (no) running (again) week (10)

I awake, Sunday morning, and my first thought is that I want to go running but I can’t. So, I linger in bed in a fug of indecision and apathy. My weekday runs were variable, sometimes I’d go on a Tuesday, other times a Wednesday etc. But Sunday was always a running day, usually first thing in the morning, and often accompanied by my younger son.

After much rumination and wistful thought, I sit up and write in my journal (image below), then slump back down and hide under the covers for a while longer.


I have been very good at resting my foot this week and it had improved greatly, to the point that I was hopeful I’d be back running in another week. However, I pushed my walking a little far today and am currently hoping I haven’t made things worse again… I’m certain tomorrow will tell.

My exercise achievements for this week:

  • I went swimming three times
    – a total of 140 lengths, 3.5 km
  • I went to the gym twice, my sprained foot allowing me to complete
    – a 10 km plus cool down on the bike, 2 km on the cross-trainer and 1 km on the rowing machine
  • Went for a family walk today, 6 km in the forest (my idea) which was the aforementioned silly move as it seems my sprained foot wasn’t ready… bring back the ice packs and pain relief.

I completed the 10k virtual race for International Women’s Day. I had originally planned on running it but instead did it on the bike at the gym on IWD, 8th March. The medal should arrive next week.  And the best thing about today was my Mother’s Day present, a gorgeous medal hanger (from It’s a Bling Thing UK), which is already proudly displaying my C25K medal.

Have a great week whether you run, walk or swim your way to happiness!

K x


3 comments on “My (no) running (again) week (10)”
  1. That’s such a cute medal hanger! Time to fill it up. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      Thank you, I’m planning on doing at least one virtual race each month this year and I’m awaiting a medal from the RED January challenge so should have 13 by 2019! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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