Day 2, self-care week

My self-care plans for the week went a little askew as I ended up being admitted to hospital yesterday. What I thought was a cold rapidly turned into what I thought was flu. But pain killers weren’t helping and I was in so much pain. So hubby took me down to the doctors surgery and they advised I go into hospital.

The hospital have been amazing, they quickly found me a cubicle and dimmed the lights as my eyes were so sensitive. I had a head CT, which was clear, and was transferred to the ward where I had a lumbar puncture (would quite happily never have that done again) which was also clear. I was given heavy duty pain relief and IV antibiotics.

Today I feel so much better and if my temperature settles will get to go home later today.

Yesterday I did manage some of my self-care goals:

  • had a relaxing bath while listening to soothing music (Jack Johnson)
  • meal plan for today and tomorrow
  • do some knitting
  • do some drawing or colouring
  • watched two episodes of ‘flesh and bone’ (an Amazon exclusive series about the world of ballet)

Today’s goals:

  • rest


7 comments on “Day 2, self-care week”
  1. Oh my goodness … I don’t even know what a lumbar puncture is?? I hope you’re ok and on the mend. Definitely time to lie in bed, on the sofa, curl up with films and ice cream, hot chocolate and probably some fruit or something too, but lots of ice cream nonetheless. GET WELL SOON!! X.

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    1. Karen says:

      Ooh yes definitely need ice cream! 😁
      If you want to know, lumbar puncture is a needle in the spine to remove some fluid to check for infection in the brain and is incredibly painful.

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      1. Oh my God that sounds horrendous …. poor you! Frankly I’d be milking this for all its worth…. ice cream and sprinkles AND chocolate sauce. Get better soon ❤️

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  2. indishe says:

    Get well soon😊

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  3. ashleyleia says:

    Rest sounds like a very good self-care choice for today. Hope you get better soon xo

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    1. Karen says:

      Yup, achieved lots of rest!

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