There’s no place like home…

Hello lovely readers,

I am very pleased to be back home and sitting on my sofa, happy that the hospital let me go early yesterday evening following a second infusion of IV antibiotics and after making sure my temperature was a bit more settled. I have a course of oral antibiotics to complete but am most definitely on my merry way to feeling better!

I will of course be “taking it easy” for the next few days (something I’m not usually very good at) and while I won’t actively be embracing a self-care plan, I will be very much acting with self-care in mind. Allowing time for my body and mind to recover from the trauma this infection has inflicted on me, from the medical treatment, and from the disrupted sleep is my only priority. So, if that means lazing on the sofa writing endless poetry with a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s just for me then so be it.

Ice cream is most definitely nurturing for body and soul.

K x ❤

p.s. Haggen Dazs is an acceptable alternative 🙃


4 comments on “There’s no place like home…”
  1. Gopika GS says:

    Take care, ma’am!

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  2. ashleyleia says:

    I’m glad you’re doing better. Bring on the ice cream!

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