Positive Change

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I logged in to WordPress this afternoon as I had the need to write, to express my emotions and to override negative thought patterns. I anticipated some poetry of the dark, stormy rain cloud variety rather than sunshine and blue skies. But first, I thought I’d check out today’s prompt.

To provoke: to illicit a reaction or to instigate change.

The word “provoke” has many rather negative connotations, including to incite, annoy, wind up, taunt, goad, instigate. But I want to look at a positive spin on the word, which is to provoke change.

Change can be good or bad, it can feel comforting or overwhelming, it can make a difference to the world we live in. If change is provoked, then it is most likely as a reaction to the current situation.

In living with anxiety, it can be monumentally difficult to manage change but that does not mean that change is always a bad thing. It is a fact of life that there is constant change all around us; daytime to night, seasons, weather. So, while we may prefer things to stay the same, often change is beneficial. Where we find comfort in normality, we may experience excitement in change.

Sarah lives on her own with her dog, Gem. Each day Sarah and Gem go for a walk, they always go the same route, along the canal and past the church. One day, following some heavy rain, the canal path is flooded so Sarah has to find an alternative route for Gem’s morning walk. In doing so she discovers a field blooming with colourful wild flowers, the beauty takes her breath away and for the next few days she looks forward to visiting this place on their walk. After a while, the canal path is accessible once again and Sarah has a choice to make about her walk route.

Does Sarah go back to the canal path that she’s so familiar with?

Does she continue to visit the wild flower meadow?

Or does she consider that there may be other beautiful places that she’s yet to discover, and become more intrepid in exploring her locality?

Here, we see that a negative event can provoke change with positive repercussions.


4 comments on “Positive Change”
  1. ashleyleia says:

    Just like Robert Frost’s road less travelled.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      I’ve not read it, will look it up…


  2. indishe says:

    Change is essential for time is not always the same.
    Life throws us different scenarios at different times

    Liked by 1 person

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