Creating a trauma account

Excellent thoughts from Ashley on cognitive processing therapy for trauma.

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woman looking through barred windows at sunrise

In the last few years, I’ve experienced a fair bit of trauma.  In terms of how I conceptualize trauma responses, what matters the most is how the mind/brain processes the trauma.  That processing can range from adaptive to disordered (i.e. PTSD).  I don’t have PTSD, but I still haven’t fully processed the trauma-related memories.  I was reminded of this when I got triggered a couple of weeks ago, and all of that emotion came rushing back.  I realized that I have been engaging in some serious avoidance, and that means there’s a lot of shit that hasn’t been dealt with.

In some of the continuing education I’ve done on PTSD for professional reasons, one of the things that interested me was cognitive processing therapy, which is an adaptation of cognitive behavioural therapy.  One of the elements of this type of therapy is creating a trauma account, which accomplishes a couple…

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