Self-care week day 5

My goals for yesterday were as follows:

  • piano practice ❌
  • respond to blogger awards (started this)
  • transfer music to my car USB ✔
  • plan seed planting ❌
  • knitting ✔

I didn’t manage to meet all my goals for yesterday but I did have a very productive day. I spent a couple of hours reading other people’s blogs, did an hour at the gym and then relaxed in a lovely warm bath, finished watching ‘Manchester by the ‘Sea’, and went to band practice. Was exceptionally ready for my bed last night!

It’s ok that I didn’t do piano practice or plan my seed planting, it’s ok that I didn’t finish my award post because life isn’t about being perfect or criticising yourself for failing. Life is about doing your best, whether it’s your best at keeping the house clean and tidy, your best at studying, your best at being a compassionate person (to yourself as well as others).

Life is about shrugging off the disappointments and simply trying again tomorrow.

My goals for today (day 5) are:

  • piano practice
  • plan seed planting
  • go for a walk
  • have a vegetarian day
  • various household chores (laundry, emptying bins etc)

Have a lovely Friday folks!

K x


3 comments on “Self-care week day 5”
  1. “Life is about shrugging off the disappointments and simply trying again tomorrow.” 😁 I love this sentiment!

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  2. awkward brown guy says:

    Lovely 🙂 I want to watch that film, too! I recently watched Brooklyn, which I loved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      The first half is very slow paced, the second half is better. Will look up Brooklyn.


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