My running week (13)

I would like to dedicate this post to my running shoes who have been rather neglected of late, but I am now very pleased to say “I’m back!”

Following my tentative run last Sunday, I took a rest day on Monday (during which I did a 6km walk around the village). On Tuesday, I had to wait in almost all day for a parcel delivery, it was a seriously sedentary day. I think I had managed about 1,500 steps on my tracker by 4.30pm, so I was very keen to go for an after school run with my younger son. We were feeling good so kept going alternating 5 minutes running with 2 minutes walking and managed over 5km. Knowing I was going to be restricted in when I could run over the next few days I decided to go out on Wednesday evening as the sun was setting, it was a lovely evening and I soon settled into a good pace.

After a couple of rest days, I was happy to complete my 3rd parkrun alongside my running buddy (younger son) on Saturday and we got a new PB by a massive 2 seconds!
**it would have been more if you didn’t stop for a mid-point selfie mum**

My achievements this week…

  • I have been running 4 times
  • Total distance: 20.2 km
  • And got April off to a good start with my longest run yet, 6.1 km

My target for April is to complete a minimum of 26.2 miles (42.2km) throughout the month, including one run of 10k, as I’m taking park in two virtual races.
One to run the equivalent of a marathon over the month as a tie-in to the London Marathon, and the other is to run a whole 10k to raise money for Parkinson’s UK.

And I am really hoping to have an April free from injury or illness!


6 comments on “My running week (13)”
  1. Laurie says:

    It’s so nice to read about you running with your son. I used to do that with my oldest son before he grew up, so it helps me to remember those good times! I love the parkrun concept. We have very few here in the US, and the closest one to me is a 3 hour drive! Congrats on the 2 second PB! So glad I stumbled across your blog. Hope your April is free from injury and illness too!

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    1. Karen says:

      Thank you, I’m happy that my blog reminds you of happy times. It is lovely when a parent can find a shared interest with their child or children. They grow up so quickly and drift away. My two are teenagers and it can be hard to engage them in real life activities when the virtual gamers world is more appealing!
      Wow, a 3 hour drive! That’s way too far to be useful. I have 4 parkrun venues that are about 20 minutes drive and there are loads more that are 30 – 45 minutes. A great reason to live in the UK!
      Thank you for reading,
      Karen 🙂

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  2. Best of luck, you and your son seem like an awesome team!

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    1. Karen says:

      Aw thanks, we’re beginner runners but it’s lovely to go out together.

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  3. indishe says:

    Keep it up👍

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  4. ashleyleia says:

    That’s awesome!

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