Morning person

I think I might be a morning person, at least once I work up the enthusiasm to get out of bed. I like the peace that morning brings. I like the way my mind is open to the day ahead. I like that I can start my day slowly, however I choose. My mind is clearer in the morning. I have more energy.

I’m ready to take on the world and whatever it throws my way.

Depression stole this from me, depression made me hate mornings. Restless sleep leaving me in a mental fog. The pressure of decision making. The fear of another day of feeling like life really wasn’t worth this amount of pain. Going through the motions. Mentally ticking boxes in my recovery but feeling like nothing made any difference.

Knowing that tomorrow morning would just be the same.

Earlier this year, as my mood took a downward turn, I put in place my relapse prevention plan. Using strategies that I had come up with in therapy to halt the downward spiral of mood, and it worked. At least it worked in that my mood didn’t continue to worsen but it didn’t improve things.

I don’t know when the change occurred, maybe it’s linked to the warmer weather and sunnier days of spring, maybe it’s because in blogging and writing poetry I can express my emotions, maybe my anti-depressants are finally at the correct dosage. All I know is that this morning, this beautiful sunny, spring morning, I have realised that I feel good. I feel calm, relaxed, hopeful.

I feel like my life has purpose once more, that I can achieve my dreams.

That everything will be ok.

And that is just perfect.


Wishing you all a beautiful day,

K x


10 comments on “Morning person”
  1. kmichonski says:

    Lovely, thanks for sharing !

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    1. Karen says:

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment xx


  2. That’s awesome! Good for you! ❤️

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  3. Karen l run a series called Truly Inspired Would you like to participate in one of the questionnaires?

    I can email you the form itself or you can email me at the address at the bottom, and then l post it up.

    Our last Interview was with Confessions of an Irish Procrastinator so you can see what they look like once completed.

    Would this be of interest to you?


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  4. I love mornings, but prefer the nights. night owl to the roost here, my partner is a real early bird. Great post Karen!

    Have yourself a lovely day 🙂

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    1. Karen says:

      Thank you, you too 🙂

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  5. indishe says:

    Let every morning be as beautiful as ever!

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    1. Karen says:

      Absolutely 🙂


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