Busy mum blues

Good evening, it’s 7.30pm here in the UK and I am only just settling down to writing. I am very keen to get back to my term-time routine now the boys are back in school following their Easter break. I enjoy having time and space to myself, not having to think about their needs, being able to do what I like, when I like. I am not selfish, I simply make the most of my time when there are no other demands being placed upon me.

However, my return to normality is being thwarted by appointments and meetings, by having to pick up from school in the middle of the day and then drop back at school, by tradesmen, deliveries… it seems that every possible interruption has worked its way into my schedule over the next two weeks. Meaning I feel pressured, not stressed or overwhelmed, but busier than I want to be, and with less time for me.

Less time for blogging, writing poetry, piano practice, knitting, gardening, running, swimming. Less time for planning and preparing healthy meals. Less time to do all the things that keep me emotionally settled, maintain my well-being and prevent my mood from falling.

I feel that I have so much to catch up on following the school holiday but that I won’t have time to catch up on anything over the next two weeks either. My mind is unfocused, there is too much to consider and organise, too much to remember. Mentally I flit from appointment to appointment, from day to day, trying to formulate a plan, a schedule, work out timings, but feel I am getting nowhere.

I am conscious that this is an unusual post from me, not really a sunshiney positive blue sky kind of thing but my head is full of too much stuff right now.

I’m ok, just offloading!
Thanks for listening.

Karen xx


7 comments on “Busy mum blues”
  1. kertsen says:

    My father , now long since gone , taught himself to play the piano and he had a friend who would sing along with him. I remember lying in my bed as a school boy listening through the walls to these old melodies and hearing them laugh together. Dad was a plumber and had huge rough hands yet he seemed to fit them around the keys. I found many of those old melodies now on utube and they carry me back to the long ago.
    At school we had assemblies and an elderly lady teacher would play hymns on the piano while we all stood to sing, it makes me smile to think that such indoctrination would not be tolerated today.

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    1. Karen says:

      Thank you for sharing your happy memories of your father x


  2. Alexis Rose says:

    Im glad you wrote a how you are feeling right now post. ❤️

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    1. Karen says:

      Me too, it’s real life stuff! Thank you for reading x

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  3. summerSHINES says:

    I feel very pressured when my diary is full…I think it’s a complex ptsd symptom as our brains are so busy fighting off intrusive thoughts and images and memories that to add on travelling and planning where we have to be at any one time is exhausting. I need my down time very much and have been busier lately than I’d like….so I empathise. I hope that day by day your anxiety eases as one by one you cross off those things xx

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    1. Karen says:

      Thank you, I’ll get past this, as you say one by one they’ll be crossed off. Never underestimate the importance of down time!


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