Friday Food-day

It feels like forever since I had significant time to myself, with two weeks of school holidays followed by two weeks with a large number of scheduled engagements. As such the healthy eating aspect of my life has gone a little off-track as I have been pulling together whatever is quickest and easiest. But today, I had a totally free day from school start to school end, I could do exactly what I wanted when I wanted… and wow! it feels so good to have a day like today!

I started the day with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and tomatoes, popped a load of washing in the machine and got busy in the kitchen. I have blogged before about the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention 2-day diet and today was my day to get back onto following the plan.

To recap, this 2-day diet is different to other 5:2 diets in that it follows nutritionally balanced guidelines and has a significantly higher calorie allowance than others. If you wish to lose weight you do two consecutive restricted days each week and if you want to maintain it’s just one. The theory behind this diet is that in restricting calories and carbohydrates the body switches from cell division and growth to cell maintenance and repair, meaning that the body works towards healing itself, in addition to aiding weight loss. You can read more about the plan here.

Having time to plan my meals, instead of just toasting a bagel and stuffing some pre-sliced cheese in it, means that I can follow the restricted plan today.

Breakfast: 2 eggs (scrambled) with grilled tomatoes

Lunch: Halloumi skewer (with courgette and green pepper) and salad (I cheated and had sweet chilli sauce with it too), 2 satsumas


Mid-afternoon: Soya milk light hot chocolate (Options – chocolate orange) – yes this is a cheat too but I needed an extra dairy portion!

Dinner: Stir fry smoked tofu and vegetables (spring onions, courgette, green pepper, celery), yoghurt


Evening snack (if required): mixed nuts


And while I’m on the subject of food, here’s an interesting fact about tofu. There are two different coagulants that can be used to make tofu; nigari or calcium sulphate (sulfate). The calcium content of tofu is highly dependant on which coagulant is used, with calcium sulphate giving a higher calcium content (obvious really!). According to Earth Source Foods, traditionally the Chinese use calcium sulphate and the Japanese use nigari as coagulants.

The tofu I used today was the one shown below from The Tofoo Co. which is made with nigari. It can be used straight from the packet, has a lovely firm texture and a subtle smoked taste.


The tofu I normally buy is this one from Cauldron Foods, made using calcium sulphate. It has to be pressed to remove the liquid, and is less firm than the Tofoo brand. It uses a lot more oil to brown it through frying, but baking works well and is a lot healthier. It can be marinated before or after baking depending on what texture you want.


As an aside the best veggie sausages that I’ve found in the UK are Cauldron Foods Lincolnshire sausages, they are great in Toad in the Hole, and in my personal brunch favourite – sausage and emmental toastie!

(BTW I’m only semi-vegetarian)

What are you cooking this weekend? Or is there a favourite recipe you would like to share?

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