Sat Nav

blindly we follow the sat nav app
(a technology thing instead of a map)
we put our trust in it guiding us
and follow instructions without any fuss
our knowledge of the route is hazy
but that’s ok, just listen to the lady
she chats to us as we drive along
“go left”, “go right”, let’s sing a song
to pass the time on this long road
directions found from postal code
our destination fast approaching
a narrow track, hedges encroaching
are you sure this is the right way
we shrug and cross our fingers and pray
at the end of the track is nothing at all
no road! Abruptly, we tumble and fall
the car explodes and no one survives
the sat nav responsible for our demise


copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley


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  2. Great. Sometimes we go the wrong way just to annoy the sat nav. She says ‘recalculating’ in a very cross voice. My wife seems to takes exception to another woman giving me instructions and the two of them tend to get cross with each other.

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