Darwin (1809-1882) (poem)

Charles Darwin travelled afar
to find out more about nature
Like how the fossils of years ago
were similar to the things we know
The plants, the birds and animals
he studied them all across the world
And noticed that there seemed to be
many connections across the species
He cleverly thought about it all
about the shape of tortoise shells
And whether whales had ever been
mammals on land instead of the sea
He spent five years on his ship
The HMS Beagle with Captain ‘Fitz’
Wondering of what he’d seen
in oceans blue, on islands green
Darwin developed an amazing theory
that evolution was the key
which gave such genetic variety
To plants, and birds and animals
from tiny insects to large mammals
Natural selection would dictate
the subtle changes in nature’s traits
Which worked to improve the species
By tweaking the genes of pedigrees
Nature alone will lead the way
and bring us such diversity

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley

via Pedigree — Prompts – The Daily Post

Any factual inaccuracies are resulting from the poetic process (and not ignorance)! 😀

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