AM I AN ISLAND? (poetic prompt: independent)

With the daily prompt being no more, I’ve thought about whether to follow and contribute to another person’s organised word prompt or whether to go it alone.

My decision at the moment is to do it my own way. So with this in mind, my word prompt today is ‘independent’.

The poem ‘No Man is an Island‘ by John Donne explains how we are all part of a greater union, that of humanity, and that to lose any one of us equates to losing a part of oneself.


To live life our way
Learning the how and why
and what of social norms
Conforming to perceived ideals
Striving to fit in
Losing our individuality

Is there strength in numbers?

Am I part of something bigger than me
Bigger than you
Or us?
Should we desire an independent life
To take control
And be our own man, woman, child?

Is there strength in numbers
or is autonomy stronger?

copyright Ā© 2018 Karen Horsley


12 comments on “AM I AN ISLAND? (poetic prompt: independent)”
  1. kertsen says:

    Yes I did comment on that poem and it is linked to others because we cannot help but think along certain lines. Poems are highly condensed thought and they often question the readers way of life.

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  2. kertsen says:

    Although we can isolate ourselves from human contact to a large extent ; in civilised society we have to occasionally speak and of course we often listen to the human voice. Even Robinson Crusoe got off to a good start with what was left on the ship , isolated as he was. So total independence is an impossibility , every time we turn on a tap we are reliant on a plumber and those who maintain the water supply .
    I think what most people mean by being independent is completely pleasing themselves as to what they do , but once again it cannot be for we are controlled by laws and rules and we expect others to obey the same laws and rules. Even the very rich have to tow the line they cannot drive on the wrong side of the road and they rely on a regular income just as we all do. So John Donne cannot be faulted search as we may.

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    1. Karen says:

      I’m not disagreeing with ‘No Man is an Island’, I think it’s totally grasps what being part of the human race is all about. I like questioning independence and autonomy in my poetry, a similar themed poem I wrote recently was ‘Life is a Ceremony’ which says that life is a series of set processes, rules and expectations which we almost have no choice but to follow, similar to what you have written.
      Thank you for your comments, I enjoy a bit of discussion around my themes.


  3. FeelPurple says:

    Right now my idea is also being, writing independent šŸ˜€šŸŒ¹

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    1. Karen says:

      I like writing on a prompt word, but there is no reason I can’t select my own!


      1. FeelPurple says:

        Yeah, you are right!! I enjoyed reading your prompt!!


  4. O the checklist life.. every one just check boxing some forms they don’t have even have an idea about.
    You can start hosting poetic prompts that would be good idea too

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