Future Learn

As part of my quest to be an awesome published poet, I am taking part in a course on Future Learn, ‘How to Make a Poem’, hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University. You may ask why, as my poetry is already well received by you, my lovely followers? Simply put, I want to learn about different techniques, forms and styles of poetry in order that I can create even better work.

The Future Learn course is really excellent, so if you have any interest in making your own poetry, then do join the course. They describe it as making poetry rather than writing as a link to a creative process, where we gather materials and use skill and known techniques to produce something beautiful, memorable, emotional…

This course has taught me about cento poems, which are poems constructed using lines from other poems – a poetic collage if you like. And about found poems, which are created from material we observe in everyday life, for example, the view from your window, road signs, posters, advertising slogans, radio jingles, it can be anything you experience (find) within your environment.

As an assignment we were asked to construct our own found poems, mine is pictured below, and then to positively review each others work in three categories – title, shape and sound, and order.

I am always happy for you to feedback on my poetry. I hope you enjoy my found poem ‘Inside/Outside’.

Screenshot (5)

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley


4 comments on “Future Learn”
  1. kertsen says:

    A wise choice I checked out their credentials , some real talent there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      I’ve done other courses on there before but not for a while. It’s a great resource.


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