My running week (23)

What will I do when I can’t start one of these posts with the words “I had an awesome running week” – rhetorical question of course.

So, I had an awesome running week!

There’s a quote that says “It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger” and I can totally buy into that mindset. Taking you back in time to the beginning of January and this post ‘A Head Full of Dreams‘ where I stated that to a novice runner running for 3 minutes seemed like an eternity. And although I find it hard to remember, I’m certain that week 3 of C25K was tough, running for 3 minute intervals would have been difficult, but I did it. Then I did longer duration and distances until by then end of January I could run 5k, then 10k in April, then in May I had managed a longest distance of almost 11.5k (7.1miles).

And then Tuesday happened…

10 miles! 100 minutes of running! Most awesome!

May Summary

  • No. of runs: 19
  • Total distance: 121 km (75 miles)
  • Total time: over 13 hours!

June Goals

  • 10k Race for Life
  • motivated mojito virtual 5k
  • honeypot virtual race – completed with my 10 mile run

I also plan to run a minimum of 50 miles each month over the summer, including one 10k (or longer) run each week, and I would like to get to as many parkruns as possible while the boys are taking a break from their Saturday morning tutor.

This week’s achievements

  • 3 runs with a total distance of 29.1km
  • longest run 16.1km (10 miles!)
  • did parkrun with my son (my 6th, his 3rd)
  • received two medals – Miles for Mind from May’s challenge and the Honeypot June challenge

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, have a great week!

Karen x



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