These Walls (poem)

Last night, thinking about my melodramatic post title ‘And the walls came tumbling down’, I was inspired to write a poem and this is pretty much what flowed from my mind. There has been minimal editing.

These Walls

These walls were built over time
Brick by brick, with each passing moment
Cemented in place by experience
Some are securely bonded
Others are loose, their mortar old and dusty
Some bricks are cracked or chipped
These walls were built over time
To hold back emotions
To keep out things that haunt my dreams
These walls are strong
These walls keep me safe
but also keep me separate
Distant from the rest of the world
These walls are not protecting but preventing
These walls must come down

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley

The theme of this poem also reminds me of a Smiths song (checks CD for title) “Ask”.

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Hi, I'm Karen, creator of which is home to my poetry, art and general ramblings. I am the author two collections of poetry, 'Kaleidoscopic Beauty' & 'I am the Stars in the Sky', and the children's book 'All That Glitters' (not yet published). I also enjoy running.

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