My running week (24)

Another excellent week.

I went for a short run last Sunday evening (officially week 23 but I’d already posted my update) then did a hard 10k on Tuesday where I tried to get a second sub-60 but fell short by less than a minute, even so it was a great effort given the fairly warm weather that day.

Wednesday morning arrived and it was a perfect day for running, so even though it was supposed to be a rest day I couldn’t pass on the cooler weather so decided to take a gentle run, slow pace, couple of rest stops for a snack and a drink, it was great. I even stopped to help a baby squirrel out of the road, it had probably been hit by a car and seemed stunned, or maybe had a broken leg. I placed it away from the road under a shady hedge, poor little thing. I ran a very impressive 10.2 miles (16.4km) in a not very impressive two hours (plus rest stops).

My plan was to do parkrun with my son on Saturday to finish off another great week, however, my head injury – shower screen incident meant I’ve had to rest this weekend so no parkrun for me, however I did volunteer to help out as a marshal while my son was running – being a marshal basically involved me standing at a key point on the course making sure everyone went the right way and offering encouraging comments, I figured that wouldn’t be too strenuous. It was good to contribute to the running (no pun intended) of parkrun, and while waiting I was watching a family of swifts swooping around me.

I’m just going to take a moment to celebrate my son’s achievement at parkrun. His previous best of 31:31 was last week, this week he smashed that and got a time of 30:24, very proud of him. It was also his first time of running without me by his side, so the achievement was totally down to him. Proud mum moment.

Next week I am supposed to be doing a 10k Race for Life run on Wednesday evening, I’m not planning to run before then to give my bumped head a chance to recover. So, next week may be a little quiet, maybe a chance to catch up with my many other activities/hobbies.

Month to date totals

  • Number of runs: 7
  • Distance: 40 miles (64 km)
  • Time: over 7 hours

Have a great week!

K x



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