Being (just a little bit) brave

Happy Monday and welcome to a new week!

I’m hopeful that my concussion has turned a corner, I’ve been feeling much more steady on my feet today – self-assessed by whether I can walk along a kerb, which I can (just). And the world seems to have slowed down once more.

My younger son is doing work experience this week and his placement is near the swimming pool, so after dropping him off this morning I went for a swim, which was in the realms of open water swimming the water was that choppy! 1km later and I’m thinking “wow, that was tough”.  Then it was a quick dash to the surgery for my blood tests and ECG, all went smoothly as they managed to get blood out of me at the first attempt.

I was glad to get back home as the UK seems to be having some kind of odd heatwave, today is around 28 deg C, which is just about as hot as I can cope with, and certainly too hot to do anything energetic.

Which brings me to my plan for this evening…

I’ve been thinking for a while that I might join the local running club but was a bit nervous about being in a club with “real runners“. But since marshalling at parkrun I have decided that the running crowd are a jolly friendly bunch and that I’m a real-enough runner, so I’m ready to take the plunge. This evening I’m going to pop along to their training session to have a chat about joining the club… scary!

[I won’t be joining in with the session tonight – i) I’m still taking it easy, and ii) it really is too hot for such things]

And then I might celebrate my outstanding bravery with an ice cream!

ps it really is good weather for ice cream 😀



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