Reblog post about chronic illness

Brilliantly written piece about the reality of living with a chronic illness by Mackenzie from Life With an Illness blog.

A chronic illness is life changing. It changes your life totally, and completely. It changes you. The pain you have to endure, and the constant pressure of knowing you are sick, you are different, and you have restrictions is heartbreaking. A chronic illness can really rock your world. The hard part is pushing through, when…

via Pushing Through when your Chronic Illness is Pulling you Down — Life with an Illness



3 comments on “Reblog post about chronic illness”
  1. kertsen says:

    Perhaps we should be a little more free and easy with ourselves , enjoying what we can , placing ourselves at least partly in the hands of fate , aware of the thin thread all life hangs upon.
    I’m always upset when I inadvertently break a spiders web which it has created with such care and trouble. It makes me think that perhaps I’m the hand of fate to that innocent creature doing its best to survive, but of course the web itself is fatal to the poor fly who stumbles across it.

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  2. kertsen says:

    It has always puzzled me why life is so easy for some and so hard for others. Health seems a lottery and even those who struggle to look after and improve what they have can be struck down so unexpectedly . My uncle had a particular phrase he used frequently to sum up this anomaly ; it’s just the way the ball bounces boy , just the way it bounces , and he would shrug his shoulders with a smile.

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    1. Karen says:

      Health certainly falls into the category of “out of our control” to some extent.
      If you looked at me 4 years ago you wouldn’t have seen me as high risk yet at age 42 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. When they told me I had to have chemo, I was told that I was young, fit and healthy and that I’d sail through it… my protocol was changed twice due to adverse reactions (heart and skin) and then they cancelled the last cycle.
      Yes, everyone can do all they can to be fit, well, healthy but some things – genetics, auto immune response, allergies, are out of our control.
      It may seem “unfair” that some people have good health yet they smoke, drink, do drugs, eat the wrong food, be overweight, be underweight, spend too much time in the sun or whatever, but as you say “it’s just the way the ball bounces” – a very apt expression!


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