Is there a test I haven’t had yet?

This week I’m having lots of tests conducted to ascertain why I keeled over in the early hours of the morning a couple of weeks ago (and no, I wasn’t drunk). It’s good that this is being checked out, but I was hoping to reduce intervention/monitoring/support now that my mental health symptoms seem to be under control (crosses fingers, touches wood etc). So, these extra appointments are a little unwanted but probably necessary.

Following yesterday’s blood tests and ECG, today through to tomorrow I’m having my blood pressure monitored. This involves wearing the pressure cuff and carrying around a little bag with the monitoring device in. It’s not exactly the height of fashion.

On a typical British day in June it wouldn’t be a big deal, however today it’s around *30 deg C and the cuff is obviously not made from some kind of high-tech breathable material, so to say my arm is a little sweaty would be an understatement. Also it has a rubber grip on the sleeve to stop it slipping and that’s been irritating my skin too. I will be very pleased to free myself from it in the morning!

* note it is a very British thing to complain about the weather

Apart from the discomfort I can go about my daily activities as normal, simply noting what I’m doing throughout the day and freezing when it beeps to warn me it’s about to take a reading.

It’s interesting as it displays the data for a short time, so I can see what’s being recorded… and based on this I can say with absolute certainty that doing the ironing is not good for me πŸ˜€

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