At my older son’s school they have a good news assembly every term or half term, I forget which, where they share and celebrate the pupils achievements. I feel that my week deserves it’s own good news assembly because there have been many positives.

I no longer have concussion and most of my bumps and bruises have gone.

My test results were good, low blood pressure at times which was the probable cause of my blackout. GP says there’s nothing overly concerning, he’s sending all the info to cardiology to review just to be certain.

GP says I can get back to running with no restrictions, he says it’s unlikely that running was a contributory factor.

And the biggest positive of all is that my GP & I agreed that we could cease my regular mental health reviews which have been ongoing since my cancer/depression/PTSD diagnoses.

Oh yeah, and my book is ready to publish… 

Pretty awesome all round!



3 comments on “#healthwarrior”
  1. Brilliant 🙂

    I have tagged you once more Karen for 321 Today’s topic is Learning.



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