The Great British Obsession (poetic prompt: weather)

Following weeks of hot weather and very little rain, this evening we had a real downpour. There were rivers of rain streaming down roads and overflowing drains and guttering. Leading me to write a poem on the weather and how we Brits have an extraordinary obsession with it.

The Great British Obsession

we moan about the snow, the hail and the sun
we complain in all seriousness and often in fun
we mock our nationality, we’re never content
whatever the weather you’ll hear a complaint
this June has been hot with almost no rain
will July bring storms and downpours again?
but are we happy with the sun and long warm days
leaving raincoats at home when we go out to play
you’d think it was great to have a summer of sun
but we like to complain, we need no reason
so now we have rain and grey cloudy skies
and we fondly remember the days gone by
the hot days of summer, oh wasn’t it great
it always rains in Britain, loudly we state
complaining about the weather is just what we do
and if you want to conform then you will too

copyright © Karen Horsley 2018



3 comments on “The Great British Obsession (poetic prompt: weather)”
  1. This is so true! Even more so in Scotland! The weather dictates so much. I just love that we have changing seasons – I’m loving this heat but also crispy cold frosty mornings that turn our noses pink … x

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  2. ashleyleia says:

    Apparently you’re not alone in that obsession. In 2014, weather took up a greater percentage of news coverage in Canada than in any other country. Let’s be crazy together!

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    1. Karen says:

      Love that stat! 3

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