More on ponies

Yesterday we volunteered at the pony sanctuary, it really is such a relaxing, soul soothing place to be. The ponies are happy munching away on their hay, I’m not sure they do much else as they always seem to be eating! And all is peaceful.

My son went to bring Ice to the yard to be groomed (he says Ice is his favourite) but Ice had his own ideas. He wouldn’t let my son put his head collar on but would happily follow him to the yard, then when my son tried again to put the head collar on Ice calmly turned around and walked back to where he’d come from! Ice certainly has an amusing personality. Ice did relent after this and was happily led down to the yard.

After we’d groomed Ice and returned him to the paddock, we fetched Paddy who needed his wormer, so we were shown how to do that. When my son tried to lead Paddy out of the yard, he walked a full 360 circle before heading off in the right direction… I never knew horses could be so funny!

Some really cool fungi!

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