oh how I love the summer break (2)

This post follows on from part 1 of my summer break ramblings.

I am extremely pleased to notice that it’s actually been more than two weeks since I posted aforementioned part 1, and almost two weeks since my mini-depressive-drama brought on by the boys being home together.  That doesn’t mean the past two weeks has been plain sailing but they have certainly been better than maybe the negative voice in my head was anticipating.

As we approach the end of week three, things are going ok.  Older son has been attending a group for young adults with disabilities, thankfully funded through social care’s disabilities team.  He attends for two full days each week, has made some friends and really enjoys going.  Younger son was on Scout camp last week, for a whole week!!!  And although he epitomised “moody teenager” on his return, it will have been good for him to spend time with people other than us, to be trying new activities including scuba diving, and to be removed from his TV/laptop/phone for a whole week.  Also I had a lovely few days visiting family last week with just older son, more on that later.

With three weeks down and three plus weeks to go my mental health is thus far mostly intact!  I’m practicing the best self-care that I can; getting up early to get to the pool for a swim before hubby leaves for work, early or late runs while hubby home, volunteering at the pony sanctuary, delegating chores/cooking, minimising the time I have to spend in the kitchen, blogging etc.  Unfortunately my poetry writing has been neglected as my peaceful environment is absent, but I have just submitted three poems to a publisher for consideration in an anthology and I’m busy refining some of my existing work for book 2!

All is good and I’m happy to be coping as well as I am!



5 comments on “oh how I love the summer break (2)”
  1. That’s wonderful Karen.

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  2. Sounds wonderful! Self care is key!:)

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    1. Karen says:

      Thank you, you’re absolutely right!

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  3. Awesome to hear things are brighter

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  4. I’m happy to hear your good news Karen 😊. Enjoy the rest of it.

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