…back to the ordinary

Today it’s back to ‘normal life’.
Holiday over, everything unpacked, most of the laundry done, groceries bought and oh my word am I tired?!

Holidays, while mostly fun (obviously level of fun dictated by grumpy teenagers and their variable moods) are extremely tiring.  Sitting by a pool or on a beach has never been our type of holiday… you may have heard that I’m not a fan of hot weather so deliberately spending the day sitting in (or anywhere near) the sun is not for me.

Our holidays pre-kids involved beautiful lakes and mountains, mainly in Austria, walking, sightseeing, cake and ice cream, often on the same day.  We also enjoyed European city breaks, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bruges, Prague, with loads of culture, history, and architecture.  Having to adapt to holidaying with the boys meant losing what we wanted and going for what they would enjoy, or at least tolerate.

No more spending the afternoon in an Austrian café indulging in a sizeable slice of sachertorte while watching the world go by, no more having a pre-dinner nap, no more aimless meandering.  Some children may have been fine with such things but ours (with their additional needs) find sitting in a café impossible once they’ve finished their food/drink which in all honesty is after about two minutes, they don’t like wandering, and probably think naps are for babies.

So, we were out visiting new places (and walking and standing) for most of every day, which has resulted in my current lethargy.  I haven’t even been running since Monday because my feet ached so much!  Today has been a very much needed rest day, physical rest (just a bit of gardening) and emotional rest (haven’t seen the boys as they’ve chosen to hide away in their rooms all day), a time to recharge my batteries and rediscover my enthusiasm for the ordinary.

An enthusiasm which today is missing, I feel deflated, I feel overwhelmed by the management of normal life.  My brain simply cannot handle any of it, schedules, plans, timekeeping, organisation, I really enjoyed taking a break from all of these things and am apprehensive about returning to them.

Tomorrow is a new day, a running day, so a good day… until then I’ll just keep smiling! ❤

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