Twitter poetry (3)

Another Monday, another week.  The school holidays are flying by, just two (ish) weeks to go, two (ish) weeks until I can organised my head back into its term time routine.  Even with being away I have managed to keep up with my #hangtenstories on twitter and a few other poems.

all work copyright © Karen Horsley 2018

Sunset’s Fury

sunset’s fury
its blinding light
setting ablaze
the damaged world
burning evil
erasing mistakes
leaving ashes
scorched earth
and opportunities
to start again


620 Linger

empty without you
your scent lingers
always in my memory

621 Hummingbird

iridescent feathers
shimmering sight
small but beautiful
hummingbird in flight

sweet nectar
hummingbird’s wings
love’s beauty
in songs we sing

622 Status

only myself to please
relishing the freedom
of single status

status update
with marriage
I share my life
forever more

friend or foe
your status unknown
until we speak again

623 Shelter

with hands clasped
we dash onwards
seeking shelter
under branches

624 Breathe

breathe in your sweet scent
as fresh as summer flowers

625 Mystery

your leaving was a mystery
yet you haunt my thoughts

626 Alibi

suspicious of your perfumed skin
your alibi is pretty thin

In response to @RealisticPoetry photo prompts


Spots of black
On red, on green
Two ladybirds
Can be seen
They just met here
And will be friends
They’ll live together
Until the end
They share a tiny
Leaf of green
Black spots on wings
Of ruby red sheen


Gazing into the fiery
Depths of your eyes
Igniting heart and soul
My body burns with passion

Message in a Bottle

Within this bottle I can see
A message which I pull free
“Rescued by your curious mind
Follow my words and you will find
A place unknown beneath the tide
Where mermaids in the sea do hide
Once you’ve joined their life of mirth
Never will you return to earth”

The Old Telephone

An old dusty telephone catches my eye
In the antique shop window as I’m passing by
Memories arise within my mind
Of youthful days we’ve left behind
Sitting, waiting for the phone to ring
With a call from you to make my heart sing

Song prompt: Broken Wings

I’m like a bird with broken wings
the still ocean that does not sing
without your love I cannot breathe
so stay with me and never leave
if we repair all the hurt inside
I’ll learn to fly again by your side

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