Pony time – just what I needed

My latest “frazzled mum” post as school holidays take their toll on my sanity.

My brain is not coping well, I’m going to compare it to the feeling in your chest when you can’t breathe, except it’s my head that can’t breathe, the pressure is forcing my neural synapses apart giving me an all encompassing exhaustion from the mental effort of willing my neural impulses to make the leap across the chasm.

OK so maybe I’ve exaggerated in my analogy, but it genuinely does feel like my brain is on red alert, waiting to kick rapidly into mum-mode at any moment. The real me is hiding, waiting for the house to return to the peaceful haven of school days.

Once again I reiterate that my boys have additional needs and these make parenting more time consuming, difficult, stressful, soul destroying… take your pick?!

We have a rule where if both boys are in the car with just one adult then one sits in the front on the way and the other on the way back, sounds simple doesn’t it? If only it were… this morning for the 1.5 mile drive to the pony sanctuary they had a very loud argument about this.

Actually let’s backtrack a little, before they’d got in the car one of them had been repeatedly slamming the up-and-over garage door (because he couldn’t get it to shut properly rather than in an attempt to damage it) but in my eyes causing it to neither lock shut or open up, so I was quite annoyed about this before we’d got in the car.

So, one sat in the front, two wasn’t happy and accused one of always being in the front, then one argued back (quite reasonable logic but shared in an angry tone) resulting in three, I mean mum (that’d be lucky me!) yelling louder than both of them about how we have a system and that it’s fair because blah blah and it doesn’t matter who is in the front first because blah blah. We then drive in stony silence for the 5 ish minutes of the journey.

Needless to say I was very pleased to spend some quiet time one-on-one with Boxer, poor lad has an abscess in his hoof so is being kept away from his usual herd and in with the minis where life is a little more chill.

Maybe we should all move in with the minis?

After I’d finished grooming Boxer he was the most handsome boy in the sanctuary and I was relaxed and ready to take on whatever the universe of parenting would throw my way next.

Boxer (front) & Ice (behind)
beautifully groomed and looking fabulous!


3 comments on “Pony time – just what I needed”
  1. Children! Arghhhh! Oh how we love them but …. arghhh! What is it about sitting in the front? Mine still squabble over this and they’re 18 and 19!!

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    1. Karen says:

      Lol mine aren’t far off they’ll be 16 & 17 before the end of the year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Isn’t it extraordinary how time just shoots past so darn fast!

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