My running week (34)

After all the excitement of last week’s 10k race, things in running world seemed a little greyer come Monday morning.  I often find that after a huge achievement, I become a little despondent and almost let down that the rest of the day/week/month/year isn’t as shiny-bright-iridescently awesome.  Accompanied by a post-holiday reality crash, hubby being back in work, and having to manage the kids increasingly batty* behaviour, all combined to give an unhappy cocktail of rising stress levels, increasing depression, increasing tiredness, apathy and lethargy, decreasing motivation and increasing desire for isolation.

An overwhelming yearning for peace, quiet, low stress, low obligation life.

But more of that another time, onto the running…

Despite my despondent mood, this week has actually been a good running week (yay!).

So what makes for a good running week in Karen’s world?  Lots of runs of any length, no injuries, parkrun and just feeling good about it all.

I had a busy running week as I chose to run every day except Friday which was rest day.  Monday was club training, I was determined to sit out the relays but one team was short a member so I valiantly agreed to run, what a team player!  My Tuesday to Thursday runs were 5k or less at easy pace. Then parkrun where I upped the pace and today’s run which was my long run for the week.

Sunday Morning

This morning’s run was fabulous for body and mind.  I’ve been missing my regular Sunday mornings where I head out early and almost have the entire world to myself (or at least that’s what it feels like!).  Between 20th May and today I’ve only been out once on one of these peaceful Sunday morning runs, due to illness or other commitments.  So today was very much needed, I headed out at about 6.30am as the rain was due to start again at 8am and keep raining all day, I had a vague plan to do around 5 to 7 miles but to make the route up as I went along and see how I felt.

The 8am rain arrived an hour early but luckily was just a fine drizzle so it was actually really nice to run in.  I completed 6.66 miles (yes, I did that bit purposely) in 1 hr 10 mins, was a little soggy from the rain but felt amazing!

It was exactly what I needed to reset all the overwhelming stuff.

This week stats

  • No. of runs:  6
  • Total distance:  21 miles (33.8 km)
  • Total time:  3hrs 36mins
  • Longest run:  6.66 miles (10.7 km)
  • New parkrun PB:  27:54

Month to date

  • No. of runs:  17
  • Total distance:  62.8 miles (101 km)
  • Total time:  7hrs 12mins

Aug 100km

* batty – British slang term meaning weird, crazy, mad

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