I am so excited by my parkrun achievement that it deserves it’s own post!

This week I had an opportunity to do parkrun on my own.  My running buddy son has gone to camp for a week and I hadn’t signed up to the volunteer rota this week, so parkrun was mine to choose.

I may have mentioned before that I’m very fortunate to have four parkrun courses within a half hour drive from home, I have run three of them.  With holidays and volunteering it’s actually been a very long time since I last ran parkrun at my own pace.  With this in mind I deliberately took Friday as a rest day with the intention of trying for a PB, either a course one or an overall parkrun PB.

The tricky decision was which one to run.

Course A – my home run

  • times ran:  2  (but also completed 5 as tail walker)
  • last ran:  9th June
  • course PB:  28:33 (also overall parkrun PB)

Course B – original home run

  • times ran:  4
  • last ran:  7th April
  • course PB:  29:54

Course C

  • times ran:  1
  • last ran:  7th July
  • course PB:  33:23

If I ran C, I would almost certainly get a course PB

If I ran A, a PB would be tough, so I discounted A

If I ran B, I was 80% sure I could get a course PB

Choice between B and C, and what better way to decide than the weather?  The forecast for this weekend (a British Bank Holiday weekend) was rain, a lot of rain.  It started late Friday afternoon and went on and on.  Course B is in the forest, therefore has a lot of tree cover, course C has almost no tree cover.  Course B is on forest paths, course C is 50% across a field which might be rather muddy… easy decision, I plumped for course B.

So I arrived in the pouring rain which then stopped, and by some miracle stayed away for the duration of the run and then started again just before 10am and was torrential, bouncing off the roads rain… the weather gods were certainly shining on our parkrun yesterday!

I was aiming for 28 minutes, which is a 9 min/mile pace.  This gave me plenty of wiggle room to slow down and still achieve a course best.  So, I ran and ran, and kept an eye on my pace, and kept going, and crossed the line with a time of 27:54, knocking a full two minutes off my course PB and over 30s off my parkrun PB.

A monumental achievement and my first ever sub-28 5k time.

Yay! Go me! Happy dance!

Parkrun PB


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