Look for Rainbows (poem)

In my last running update I wrote of how the world seems greyer following a huge achievement, specifically referencing my 10k race that I’d completed the previous weekend.  I feel this sense of despondency often in my life and although I’m sure it’s entirely natural, I wonder what one can do to lessen the impact.

Returning to the mundane, ordinary world of real life following any significant event can be difficult especially when the event elicits strong positive emotions.

Let’s consider the time and effort spent in planning a wedding, the excitement leading up to the day, the wonderful emotional day itself.  Then you wake up the next day and you’re married to (hopefully) your soul mate, the person who will bring you joy and be there for you for the rest of your life and the happy feeling persists.  You head off on honeymoon wrapped in a beautiful cloud of love and have the most amazing time.

But then you return home and it’s back to normal life; back to work, grocery shopping, cooking and laundry, back to paying bills, taking the car to the garage and weeding the garden, and suddenly that bubble of excitement and joy has burst.

The world loses it’s technicolour brilliance and returns to shades of grey.

Then what do we do?

Do we simply get on with the ordinariness of life,
while feeling as though something is missing?

Do we wallow in self-pity?

Or do we
make new plans,
set goals?

Challenge ourselves to be greater than ordinary?

Look for the rainbow after the rain
and create your own world of colour

Look for Rainbows

Heavy clouds cover the sky
Darkness falls
I close my eyes
Lift my face towards the clouds
Feel the breeze
As rain falls down
Grey clouds, grey skies
A damp grey mist
My eyes still closed
I dream, I wish
Imagine white clouds
With sun breaking through
And picture a rainbow
In my sky so blue

copyright © Karen Horsley 2018

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